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Parent said: CS: I am the mother of three daughters.   My two oldest spent two years at another centre because at the time I believed it was the best pre-school program.   I only learned of the Kiddikins based program in 2006 and got my third daughter in because by chance a space became available.   The Kiddikins based program has far exceeded my expectations.   My third daughter is leaps and bounds ahead of where her sisters were at this age.   The program is affordable and offers amazing lessons - I love that she's speaking sign language.   Not only has she learned the alphabet - but also the sounds each letter makes. Moving and learning seem to go hand in hand.   She puts to use what she has learned everyday.   It feels so good to know that we've given her the best possible pre-school education.   The proof is in the "healthy pudding".   Love that they are reminded and encouraged to drink lots of water.   That's so important.      

Parent said: DJ:   I have used a Kiddikins based program for three children over the years. I think the program is a great start for our children who are always eager to learn. They get to learn through song and dance, phonics, visionary cards, sign language and so much more! It's a great learning experience for every child.

Parent said: JG: My daughter has attended the 'Jump Smart' program for the past school year. She has had a lot of fun learning the basic skills and more to prepare her for Kindergarten and the rest of her life! The program concept of learning through physical exercise has provided a great learning environment, producing fantastic results. It has also provided and encouraged fine motor skills through the wonderful crafts made during the program. The program has enhanced (my daughter's) life and ours as a family - seeing what (she) has learnt and how this has been done in such a unique program. Many thanks Miss Kim - your enthusiasm, endless energy and fun personality (not forgetting all that organization) has had great rewards for the children and families of Mission. We thank you!

Parent said: LH: Our son looks forward to going to class everyday. We are very pleased with everything that he has learned from the Jump Smart program. Our son is very active and we don't believe that he would have been able to maintain focus in a conventional preschool setting. We believe the constant movement kept him focused while increasing his enjoyment.

Kid said: JH: Miss Kim's class is cool. She taught me how to write my name. Miss Kim is great.

Parent said: SB: I'm amazed at how much (my daughter) has learned. She knows all of her letters by sound, sight and sign. Learning was made fun - (my daughter) believed that all along it was a game - not work - not hard - not a chore - not competitive. She liked all the interesting snacks and loved the kids. School was a happy atmosphere that encouraged individuality. I personally liked that the room was not stuffed with toys, instead the lessons were taught using little sticks and strings and ropes - simplicity, as not to confuse or overwhelm the kids. I'm impressed at the teacher's ideas and creativity. The fact that she puts her ideas in motion is so unique and to be admired. Her approach to teaching is wholesome and simple and so extremely effective. I feel that (my daughter) has exceeded what I expected her to learn. Good - no - Great job Kim!
Kid said: ES: It's nice there we play games and have a snack and it's a nice start. Miss Kim is nice - she plays games. I learned how to count and do letters. I'm going to miss Miss Kim and my whole school.

Parent said: KK: As a parent of this program, I love it! It's great, (my daughter) has been to a couple other regular pre-schools and being as shy as she is, was not as social as I liked. When I brought (her) here, she has become more talkative and is willing to learn. She has learned a lot and I'm very impressed. She has learned to identify the alphabet and really likes copying letters and words. This is a great program because of the great organization and structure.
Kid said: SK: (She) likes to learn because Miss Kim is a good teacher. And the games they play are really fun and still teach us things. She likes the use of energy while learning.

Parent said: JD: I can't say enough about Kiddikins. Thank you Kim! I have seen another side of (my son) open up and blossom. He has learned to count, say the alphabet, color in the lines, count in Spanish, learn to follow direction, listen and cooperate in a class room. I am so proud of (him). The exercise and water is a great idea to promote healthy children.
Kid said: TE: I like bringing show & tell. I like running. I like the snacks.

Parent said: WG: It's great! My child is benefiting tremendously!
Parent said: JR: I felt that Jump Smart played an important role in introducing my child to the school environment in anticipation of his first year in school at kindergarten this September. I felt that the activities presented were both age appropriate and challenging by presenting games and play in a structured group environment perfect for learning how to interact and play in a peer group as would be the case in school. The instructor was both friendly and professional and had no problem capturing the children's attention and imagination! I would highly recommend this program - especially for rural communities!
Kid said: DR: I liked Miss Kim and I'm sad she won't be my teacher for kindergarten. I liked jumping 'cause it was Jump Smart and it was smart and fun too.

Parent said: CR: We love that (our daughter) can learn social skills and be introduced to letters, numbers, matching and comparing all while getting exercise. She is becoming more and more inquisitive about everything. My husband is also impressed with the safety measures taken in the classroom.
Kid said: RR: (She) loves to match animals to their homes, counting Spanish like Dora the Explorer and learning signs, but she wants to be better at butterfly. She also likes to make letters with ropes.

Parent said: CM: My son learned more in the half a year at Jump Smart that he did at preschool (which was double the time and more than double the cost) and all the while he just thought he was playing. Miss Kim was great with all the kids and took the time to also talk with the parents. I thought it was wonderful that the program took place in the school in which my son will be attending kindergarten, so he is already familiar with the environment. Jump Smart's kinesthetic learning style really worked, and I also have two smaller children that will definitely be joining Jump Smart when they are of age. I will also be spreading the word.
Kid said: RM: I played lots of games and lots of exercise, I love Miss Kim and she is nice. I love going to Jump Smart, it's lots of fun.

Parent said: EP: A great learning experience for (my son)... organized, physical, educational fun time. Too bad it wasn't a longer time period!
Parent said: AD: My son constantly uses his 'learning through movement' through out the day - we have almost missed our bus because he had to stop and make a circle by walking the outline of the shape! He has commented several times that he prefers to go to Jump Smart because his previous preschool was 'BORING'.
Kid said: PD: I love making Banana Dogs with jam.

Parent said: HN: Upon completion of the Jump Smart program, we feel our son is totally prepared for kindergarten. He learned so much, all while he was having fun. It was the perfect introduction to school for the whole family, and by participating in a group he learned the appropriate behavior. I wish that every child could attend and thus benefit from the Jump Smart program. It's a solid foundation for any and every child's education. Jump Smart is truly a preschool program.
Kid said: EH: I really liked the exercise square games and the bubble game was my favorite.

Parent said: LW: Jump Smart was the best pre-kindergarten program for my son. He loved attending (even more so than his pre-school and sports programs) and showed his grandparents and Mommy's friends what he had learned. Many adults were impressed with his sign language. I have bragged about Jump Smart to my friends with young kids and have encouraged them to place their sons and daughters in it. Thank you Miss Kim!
Kid said: DW: I thought it was really good. Animal Match and Animal Places were really good. They were the best games I played.

Parent said: WW: The program is unbelievable. Miss Kim is so professional. There is nothing about Jump Smart that I didn't love.
Kid said: DW: Miss Kim is beautiful and nice and I love her. And I love Jump Smart.

Parent said: TM: Jump Smart is a unique program that makes learning easy and fun. The coordinator is a wonderful teacher and a friend. If I had to, I would do it all over again. (My daughter) and I are very pleased with it.
Kid said: DM: Jump Smart is an awesome program run by an incredibly patient & caring instructor, Kim Kirk. (My son) really enjoyed the learning through movement and always enjoyed participating. I strongly feel that he has received excellent preparation for his upcoming Kindergarten year.

Parent said: MM/LZ: Thank you Jump Smart! I met Kim Kirk, the Jump Smart programs creator, a little over a year ago (when) she was at our local mall demonstrating some of the basic fundamentals of her unique, innovative learning program. My son, who was with me at the time, showed an eagerness to participate and tried his hand at the educational games that were part of this simple and well-organized demonstration. In no time at all he was involved in a learning game and I was amazed at his interest and enthusiasm for the program not to mention how fun it was for both of us. As we all know by now the building blocks to a child's successful future are crucial within the first 6 to 7 years, not only does this program incorporate the unique dynamics of learning and exercise it also demonstrated to me a solid work ethic in a totally relaxed, fun educational environment. The limited class size and one on one instruction are another key element to this wonderful learning experience, which also influenced our decision to enroll him in the program.

Our son has been an active participant in the program since September and has learned so much, not only from a mental aspect but a physical one as well. We strongly believe in the Jump Smart program and feel it is instrumental in his educational enthusiasm, knowledge and personal development. He writes, spells, counts, likes to draw, enjoys physical activity and is constantly challenging himself to achieve more and more everyday. It amazed us that a child could learn so quickly and easily with this program along with a drive for physical activity at only age 4. The other aspect of this great program is the encouragement of the parents to participate, follow and understand our own child's all-important development through all aspects of the curriculum. It is our hope that by the new calendar school year in September, when he begins attending kindergarten at our local school, that the Jump Smart program will have a continuing influence in his life - be it an after-school program or an evening class of which we wouldn't hesitate to enroll him in. One thing is certain, the building blocks that the Jump Smart program has instilled in our child's personal growth and future are something we feel will last a lifetime.
Kid said: DM: I like the games. The classes are fun. I like the kids and think Miss Kim is really nice.

Parent said: CW: My child looked forward to Jump Smart. He is very active - loves to run around - so this program fit him to a "T". He definitely learned the sounds the letters make, cooperation games, puzzles and all the games played. He enjoyed also that they are learning while having fun. Miss Kim taught all my kids. Miss Kim was wonderful then and still going strong. Kids love her.
Kid said: MC: "Is Jump Smart today Mom?" - every day it's the same question - he is excited to go to Jump Smart!

G-Parent said: CP: I have been thrilled to see my granddaughter participate in the Jump Smart program. I have appreciated the small class of 8, the structure of the program, the amazing & fun ways in which Miss Kim is able to teach and hold their attention. These children are learning so many skills - while playing and having fun!! Learning should be fun!! Miss Kim obviously enjoys teaching - what a blessing for the children! I would highly recommend this program.

Parent said: DH: Kim Kirk is a phenomenal early childhood educator. She intuitively knows how to reach each child & bring out the best in all. Her repertoire of educational methods are very creative, seem endless, and are more than what is necessary for kindergarten (e.g. sign language). Thank you for the wonderful experiences and memories!
Kid said: NH: Miss Kim is nice. I like the action 'z'. I liked sharing & my pictures & painting. I was a little nervous on presentation days because of all the people but I did it and it felt good.

Parent said: AS: This program was ideal for our daughter who is full of energy. She was learning while exercising. The games were such a great learning tool, not only with academics but also in interacting with others. She learned opposites, ABC's, numbers and healthy food choices. She is now printing her name and words and sounding out words. It has given her a great advantage before entering kindergarten. We have already registered our son for (the year after next).
Kid said: JS: I learned my ABCs and my numbers, and to not pick (my friend) up! I liked everything. The parties were the best.

Parent said: JG: My daughter has learnt so much from this program. From the 2nd and 3rd set she picked up quickly on the alphabet and was able to recognize the letters and the sounds each one makes. She learnt shapes, number, signs language and most important met great friends.
Kid said: AS: I enjoyed the exercises, the painting and projects. I liked celebrating Miss Kim's birthday. I enjoyed meeting new kids and making friends.

Parent said: SE: Jump Smart has improved (my daughter's) social skills, she learned how to interact with other kids in her class. She has grown so much since starting this program, and really enjoyed herself. Everything was taught through activities including actions which the kids seemed to respond very well to. We are very happy with the results.
Parent said: The program is a great opportunity for children to learn through movement. Young children thrive and learn through hands on activities. I recommend the program to everyone I know with preschool aged children. T.F.
Kid said: I think the program was fun because we played games. Some games were exercise, but they were always fun. I think other kids will like it very much. K.F.

Parent said: It was a wonderful experience. The kids all loved it and were learning without even knowing it. S.G.

Parent said: The program has been an excellent experience for both my girls. They have carried on into Kindergarten as leaders and (are) looked to by the other kids. T.G.
Kid said: I really liked (the program) a lot because you learned a lot. You have lots of fun - you read and do exercise. It was fun for me. M.G.
Kid said: There's lots of things to do. We play with blocks sometimes. It's lots of fun. H.G.

Parent said: Through encouragement my daughter gained much more self esteem. I feel that without the program she would have found it much harder to enter Kindergarten. D.D.
Kid said: I liked going because we did a lot of fun things. C.D.

Parent said: I thought (the program) was fantastic. I think it's great to see children learning even though they think they were just playing games. I told a lot of friends about it and now their children are attending this year. C.M.
Kid said: I love making crafts and playing games. I learned a lot! B.M.

Parent said: I can't believe what you get them to learn and they don't know they're learning. L.J.

Parent said: I honestly believe that because of (the program) my daughter had a fantastic start. She has been an excellent student and loves school. I also know of a lot of other kids who attended (the program) and are also still excellent students who love to learn. J.B.
Kid said: I thought it was really fun. I enjoyed how (the instructor) would ask us questions instead of just giving us all the answers. We had to think, but we still had fun. Having snack was always fun because we created our snacks and learned about new animals. N.B.

Parent said: I think learning through movement is an excellent way of teaching young children. When children are pre-school aged their attention spans are short and their energy levels are high. This way of learning works perfectly for those active little minds. A.S.
Kid(s) said: (The program) was fun! C.S. & K.S.

Parent said: My son wasn't interested in learning before (the program). He learned his letters and numbers without even realizing it and continued to learn and enjoy learning. E.B.

Parent said: Both children enjoyed their year at (the program). My third child is very much looking forward to going. H.B.

Parent said: I felt the program was great for (my son) because he was busy having fun, but learning at the same time. The kids were active the whole (time) they were in class. It is a regimented program that helped him learn new things in fun ways. J.F.
Kid said: It was fun. I made new friends. D.F.

Parent said: I feel the program was extremely beneficial to my child. (It educated) my child and helped her develop physical (strength) and self worth. P.G.

Parent said: (The program) was a great experience for the whole family. It taught the kids the necessary skills needed to enter elementary school as well as being enjoyable at the same time. The kids actually looked forward to class. J.F.

Parent said: We as parents were more than happy with the way our children were taught by (the instructor) and we believe that (our kids) advanced academically and physically. P.T.
Kids said: We loved (the program). S.L. & L.L.

Parent said: An excellent program supporting all kinds of learning. I fully believe in active mind and active body. Most young children are primarily kinesthetic learners. Kim's (creator) warmth and enthusiasm and expertise made the kids (3) learning experience invaluable and offered children a multitude of opportunities to learn through play. E.C.
Kid said: My favorite things were the games and activities and the party at the end. M.C.

Parent said: Fantastic program employing a kinesthetic approach to learning, so vital to young children. Studies show that more than 50% of children are kinesthetic learners yet this approach has long been ignored in early education in favor of a strong visual style which actually accommodates the smallest percentage of learners. The kinesthetic style ensures greater success to a larger number of children. My compliments to Kim (creator) for her insight and expertise in developing this program which not only meets the learning needs of a greater number of typical children, but also is effective for a large number of children with different learning abilities and challenges. The attention to structured activities and the small group size provides a more solid framework for social interaction and development to occur than does a less structured environment. The emphasis on fun and games while learning employing a multisensory approach increases the retention of concepts learned. I highly recommend this program for both typical and challenged children. M.H.
Kid said: (The program) was sooooo much fun. I wish I could go back. C.A.

Parent said: Our boys loved going. They never had to sit still for long periods - the program teaches social, memory, co-ordination, letters, numbers, and listening skills through active games. Learning was fun! They got so much confidence by doing presentations for parents. T.C.
Kid said: It's a fun place to be and you learn things too! I liked doing crafts and playing with friends. C.C.
Kid said: I would say it rocks! N.C.

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